You want your wedding to uniquely reflect you and your fiancé. Elegant Events will guide you through the steps to the wedding celebration you have always dreamed of. Helping you make informed decisions, but above all, the final decision is yours.

Unfortunately many brides and their families become overwhelmed with the magnitude of details that need to be considered for that special day. I have designed a variety of packages that can be tailored made to fit your budget and individual needs, saving you hundreds of hours and unwanted stress.

With an extensive network of professional vendors, I’ll help you stay within your budget and save you time and money.

When you hire Elegant Events, it’s still your wedding – made easy.

Fees vary according to the services you need.  During our initial meeting, I will work with you to identify your needs and evaluate the services to be provided. It would be my pleasure to create a customized proposal for services provided by Elegant Events


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